April 15, 2024

CP Plus CP E31A 3MP Home Wi-Fi PT Full HD Dome


Key Features

  • Directly Supplied from CP Plus.
  • Full HD Resolution: 3MP Provides Full HD Video Camera Which Provides More Details in Video & Live Viewing.
  • Wi-Fi Cloud Camera: The Camera Can Be Connected To Local Wi-Fi Network, if Internet is Available in Wi-Fi Network then it Will Connect Automatically to Cloud & Provide View from anywhere Across the World.

Product Specifications

Additional Details
Wi-Fi Range: 30 m in Open Area
Ethernet Standard: 1xRJ45 10/100 Mbps
3 MP
Camera Resolution

Product Details

The CP Plus CP E31A 3MP Home Wi-Fi PT Full HD Dome Camera is a top quality CCTV camera that is perfect for your home security needs. With its full HD resolution and PT function, this camera gives you clear and precise images that you can rely on. CCTV cameras are a security measure that can be used to monitor activity in and around your home or business. The CP Plus CCTV Camera is a wall-mountable camera that can be used to capture 3 MP footage at a voltage of 5 V. This camera comes with a 1-year warranty and…


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