Airport Security Solutions

Airports have a lot to deal with when it comes to security. From facing the ever-present threat of terrorism to enforcing strict rules and regulations, airport security personnel operate in a fast-paced environment that offers no room for mistakes. IP surveillance technology and new innovations in video analytics are helping to raise airport security to new heights.

Besides the considerable challenges of airport security, there is also the incredibly demanding criteria for protecting passengers, preventing sabotage, fires, and explosions and managing accesses and authorizations.

Shopping Malls and Public Solutions

Shopping malls constitute large open areas with multiple levels inclusive of restaurants, shops, movie theaters and a lot of other delivery, service and storage areas, which are highly susceptible to unceremonious activities. The expanse of space and buildings can be challenging for security personnel to monitor. Neptune Technologies ensures that crucial security areas are continuously observed with the help of solutions that are planned and involve a strategic installation of surveillance equipment.
At the same time, we also affirm non-intrusive monitoring for retail establishments, shoppers and customers who might otherwise be brittle to supervision.

Office Security Solutions

From corporate espionage to sabotage, from the destruction of property to keeping a check on productivity – most workplaces today need a range of electronic security solutions. Keeping this in mind, Neptune Technologies has designed surveillance solutions for corporates specially designed for the office space.

We fully understand the security challenges of a commercial office and therefore strive to provide surveillance solutions that alleviate the risks of liability, vandalism, dishonest employee behavior, and more importantly theft.

Populated Area Security Solutions

Places, where a large number of people converge, are always security flashpoints, especially with the rising threat of terrorism. Neptune Technologies has developed a surveillance technology that not only helps security professionals handle the huge volume of people but also identifies individual faces among them. Neptune Technologies provides access control and perimeter protection for commercial, government and all public facilities that are highly populated.
Enhanced vigilance is provided through solutions that are cohesive and involve real-time monitoring and swift response capabilities. Our products are designed to maintain all control systems in the most austere conditions in these congested areas.

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